Fun with gingerbread

I’ve made a few varieties of cookies in the last week, but I think that I had the most fun with gingerbread.


I put peppermint pillows on bikinis


and orange peels on trees


and made freaky looking little gingerbread men and women


and it was a blast!



  1. Gerry says:

    C’mon, where are the pornographic ginger bread men and women. I know they are there you’re just hiding them! If I don’t get one for xmas I’ll be upset 🙁

  2. zee says:

    no no gerry, you and i weren’t there, so there aren’t any. 🙁

    why anyone would make gingerbread people without giving them some apparati for a little relaxing holiday fjörnication, i don’t know.

    in other news: i hereby coin the word ‘fjörnication’. it means to get it on, all freaky like, like the people in sweden. 🙂

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