New pics

Here are the ones that I took at Mother’s Day tea at my Gram’s.  And here are the ones from Kyra’s 3rd bday party.  And here are Rie and I playing at being grown-ups in the kitchen.

Lots to say, but no brain to format with at the moment.  Need to run out to the grocery store, then cook dinner.



  1. Shaun says:

    Emelia certainly can have some attitude when she wants. You should see all the looks she gives out for (what appears to me) no reason.

  2. Auntie Rie says:

    Nice Pics Jessie 🙂 I got to share pics of Missy to one of my students – who has two goldens – so got to show off my Missy Girl…
    I know where those Emelia looks came from…I’ve seen them before….
    So How did that castle cake come out after I got done with it?
    I hope this comment shows, now having trouble with comments on your site – I’ve posted before today and they didn’t show??? I have no idea what’s wrong with me?? Okay, no comments from anyone on that statement….It was fun decorating though!!!!

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