So the acomodations where we are staying are very nice.  First of all there is a kitchen that has counters, cabinets, a sink, and even a dishwasher.  All of the kitchen appliances are even in the kitchen, rather than scattered throughout the living and dining areas.  There are plush rugs that make you want to walk barefoot.  The bed is wonderful (we both slept extremely well last night).  There is a full bathtub/shower (rather than just a small standup stall).  The resident cat is even friendly and affectionate (probably only because we’re feeding her, but that’s ok).

We could both get used to this, easily.



  1. mamocita says:

    but how is the food; or is it the same old cook????
    actually, I just had a great meal there last night; so the cook is not “same ole” at all

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