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Does anyone else remember watching that show on PBS as a kid?  That song is stuck in my head right now.
Started fondant class on Monday.  Only $10 to register, $50 worth of required tools and supplies, and an additional $50 or so worth of tools that would be nice to have.  Whatever.  I buy them once and I’ll have them forever, right?  We learned how to cover a cake base and a cake in fondant this week.  We also learned that the pre-packaged fondant tastes pretty nasty, but some ladies are going to bring in recipes for homemade stuff that’s supposed to taste great, next week.  As soon as I get my hands on that recipe I’ll be making it, let me tell you.  I also grabbed a book on decorating in fondant.  I couldn’t help myself, it was on sale for $6 at B&N and it has great pictures plus all of the cut-out forms that are needed to make the decorations for each cake in the book.  Plus it’s hard-cover.  I don’t know why I feel the need to justify buying a book.  It’s educational.
Shaun and Sue are due in one week.  One week!  Time is flying.
I started my business class last night.  It sure made for a long day but it was totally worth it.  I learned about the different types of proprietorships that can be set up and which are the best.  We learned about taxes and filing, balance sheets, business plans, and much more.  The class is taught by a volunteer from an organization called SCORE which is a non-profit created by an act of Congress in the 1940s to help develop and support small businesses.  Their organization seems really great.  They offer many seminars and workshops to help folks learn how to build a business and do it wisely, and they offer free counseling once you’re in business.  I’m already looking into signing up for several workshops.
Tonight Sarah and I will be heading up to St. Francis to visit Shanna.  She came out of surgery without a hitch and will be recovering at the hospital until Friday or Saturday.
Friday the oil company is sending a tech out to see why our 1977 highboy furnace is filling the house with putrid odors that are very much like raw fuel every time it fires up.  That started happening after they came and tuned it up in September and we figured that it was a cleaner or something and that it would get better, but it is getting worse.  We’ll see what the damage is….


  1. Yes, one week and counting the hours.
    1977 Damn she’s getting old. At least for a furnace. BTW you must have used the same company to tune up your furnace that my parents used. Ask them about raw fuel smells coming from the heat. Good luck though.
    We’ve been adjusting things and making changes around the house to get a little more heat into the baby’s room (and our room). So far we were able to get at least a trickle of heat into the baby’s room and improved the heat on the first floor. A little more adjustment and it should be hospitable on the second floor soon.

  2. for those that have no idea what ‘fondant’ is, like me: fondant @ wikipedia” in other news, i love the word putrid.

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