A busy weekend

Friday we kicked off the weekend by gabbing back and forth over the fence with our neighbors in the beautiful weather. Then little brother Mike came over to catch up for a bit as he was wrapping up his vacation. Then Sarah popped over and we all piled into our cars and went to her house where Andy grilled us dinner. We hung out there until about midnight.
Saturday I went to the farmer’s market and grocery shopping with Sarah, Mom and Rie. Then Sarah, Mom and I went to the salon to get our piggies painted. Afterwards we went back to Mom’s and she made us a super-tasty chick-lunch (nothing that Yoda or Chris would ever have eaten). After lunch Sarah left to go on a day trip with Ger and Chris picked me up for a Costco run. Saturday night I baked cookies. There were chocolate chippers, M&M cookies, and OMG chocolate cookies with chocolate chunks, pecans, and dried fruits. My in-laws came over for a visit as did Sue. We ate cookies and gabbed, and when they left we went up to bed.
Sunday morning I got up and baked two loaves of whole wheat rosemary potato bread with roasted garlic. I also made spice cupcakes with apple filling. They got a coating of white frosting and went to the office this morning to make the co-workers happy on a Monday. Rie and Dave and Missy came over to the house around 10:00 so that Uncle Dave could work on the arched doorway in our kitchen. We were totally rude and left them there as we had plans to go to Bob’s birthday party. Tammy had tons of munchies out, and then we had a nice cookout. The kids (young and old) had a water balloon fight. We got to see Chris’ cousin and his wife and babies. Katy made her Dad a nice cheesecake and Sue made a creme de menthe cake with chocolate frosting. It was a totally fun day.
When we left there we took Chris’ uncle Dave grocery shopping and dropped him at home, and went out for soft serve (since it’s right around the corner). Then we went home and neatened up the house, watched a little TV, and went to bed. And now it’s Monday again. It all goes by so fast….

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