A fruitful Morn’

Mom and I got up and went to Amherst for the Farmers Market straight away. Today there also happens to be a huge craft fair going on at the green. We filled our celtic bags with fresh vegetation and continued on to wander through the booths at the fair. I bought a super cool pair of earrings and Mom picked up a gift. After that we went to the Whole Foods market to finish gathering our groceries and then came home.
I picked up some more of those “purple haze” carrots, summer squash, baby beets, cucumber and broccoli, but this week I also got fresh basil, bak choy, and a ginormous tomato. And at the fair I grabbed a small bag of maple covered peanuts that I think Chris will enjoy.
So with all of this fresh basil that I bought I decided it was a great day to make pesto and try out this wonderful recipe I found earlier this week. So at the grocery store I picked up some raw pine nuts and I was ready to go.
The finished product is rather yummy if I do say so myself. Right now it’s resting in the refer, melding all of the flavors. In a short bit I’ll cook myself up some pasta and try out a dish of it instead of just the bite I had a few minutes ago.

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  1. Hot damn, you love your vaggies don’t you!
    I hope Chris enjoys his nuts!

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