A new love in my life

Have you ever eaten on of those doughnuts, say from Mrs. Murphey’s, that are plain as far as the cake part goes, but is dipped head-to-toe in a sugar glaze? Well I have, although not in years, and I love them. Well yesterday at the Farmer’s Market there was not the best selection of fresh veggies if you discount small bulbs of garlic and a huge assortment of cold-weather squashes so we were perusing through the prepared goods. There were beautiful assortments of dried flowers and braided garlics, salsas and tomato sauces, vinegars and flavored oils, honey and maple products. What caught my eye, and my sweet tooth was maple cream. The woman operating the stand that was selling this product suggested spreading it on toast. Let me tell you, she could not have been more right. I toasted up a small piece of hearty whole wheat bread this morning and spread on the sweet goodness. The maple melted like butter, but instead of soaking all the way through the toast, it began to re-crystalize and create a glaze much like that on those beloved doughnuts. What a fantastic treat that was!
I enjoyed my sweetness with a cup of organic Fogbuster coffee that I ground the beans for myself this morning.   That’s a nice way to start the day.
It’s 6:30 and I’ve been up for well over an hour.  Two loads of laundry are washed, one dried.  One load of dishes from yesterday are put away, and another washed and drying now.  Kitchen is on its way to clean, although it’ll be a long journey there.  On the agenda for the rest of the day is: more laundry, more dishes, planting garlic bulbs in the garden, spreading out compost on the garden plot, taking the top off of the gazebo along with the netting and storing them in the basement, tying down the gazebo frame so that it doesn’t fly away in the New England winter weather, picking up a few more groceries at S&S, and maybe some baking- if I’m a good girl.


  1. Sounds great. I’m really starting to fall in love with real maple syrup. Yum! I’m in the mood for pancakes.

  2. hmm, maple butter on pancakes… I may have to whip some up today.

  3. i like putting maple cream on two maple candies and making a sorta maple sammich out of it. SAMMMMICH!

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