A new year, another day….

So with the new year comes a list of new chores for the day. Must get to Home Depot today for a list of provisions (especially a depository for cigarette butts). Have to drive out to Michael’s crafts in Enfield to register for the Wilton cake decorating classes. After doing that it’ll be time for 1st lunches and then probably a nap due to this stinking cold.
I really need to finish washing this week’s laundry. My bathrooms could use a good scrub but I fear that the bleach would strip my throat of all that is left of it, so that’ll wait until I’m better as will the kitchen floor. I’d also really like to get the framing back up around the back door that we installed months ago. After that it will be time for 2nd lunches, I’m sure.
On the menu for tonight: barbeque ribs. The easy kind that are precooked & sauced and I just have to pop them in the oven for a bit before enjoying. They’re quick, easy, and quite satisifying.
Well I’m showered and dressed already and that’s good progress for now. I’m off to begin my day. Enjoy yours!


  1. hope you feel better! have a good day!

  2. happy first day of 2007

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