So I got some stuff done today.  While I didn’t make it skiing (since I don’t yet own the proper gear) I did:

  • bake a loaf of whole wheat sandwich bread
  • demolish a partial wall that was seeping cold air into our house
  • hang a (half-wall) new sheetrock wall, complete with cold air return cutout
  • clean up after myself
  • try out my new epilator (which is great on legs and sheer torture on bikini and pits)
  • bake 2 dozen chocolate cupcakes (just because I feel ike playing with frosting today)
  • start dinner (a lovely beef dish, slow-cooked in a red wine reduction)

I feel very good about what I’ve gotten done so far today.  Of course there is still plenty more to do, like pay the bills that are due for the remainder of this month, finish off the laundry, read some of my book, frost those cupcakes (and maybe decorate them too).  And I’ve got to figure out how to relax all of the muscles in my body which are extremely tense since my bout with the epilator in the pit and bikini areas.  I’ve literally got a stiff neck from ripping out pit hair.  The things that women will do for vanity….

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