Attention span, what’s that?

I think that I have less and less attention span with each passing day.  Things get old for me very quickly now.  I keep changing the look of my site ’cause I’m bored with it.  I keep cutting my hair for a new and different look.  What the heck.  Something is making me impatient and I’m not sure what it is.  No time for therapy, so I’ll just ride this out for a while.
So Saturday morning I went to the salon.  Things went well.  I can never manage to relay the picture that’s in my mind to my stylist so she tries as hard as she can to work from my words.  It’s never what I went in for, but I’m always happy with it.  I got waxed too and I love that.  After the salon I went home to gather all of the necessities for my trip to NY.  I had laid out all of the non-perishables so that I wouldn’t forget anything.  I reached into the fridge to grab myself a bag of baby carrots to munch on the way and completely bypassed the pasta salad that I had made for the occasion.  I didn’t realize this until I was too far away from home to turn around and get it.  I had left my house exactly on time to get there for 1:30.  I was pissed at myself, but didn’t let it ruin my mood for the day.  I went to Sarah’s and picked her up and we headed out for a long ride up the highway.  Not so bad though.  The rain was very light as was the traffic.
We got to Rie’s at 1:20 and with about a whisper of gas left in the tank.  The shower was very nice.  The decorations were very pretty and tastefully done (nothing tacky or overdone).  There was lots of nice food: fruit salad and veggie platter, cheese and crackers, then sandwiches and potato salad for lunch.  The cake was beautiful and looked quite tasty.  There was a very yummy punch to drink as well as sodas and water, coffee and tea.  The favors were clear plastic baby blocks filled with bath salts, tied with a ribbon and all had a card attached that was bordered in gingham that had the baby shower info on it.  There were also chocolate lolly-pops shaped like teddy bears.  Fun with games too: baby bingo and baby food tasting & identifying.
Shaun and Sue got lots of loot.  There’s still plenty left to buy though.  I think that I’ll start stock-piling now for my next trip up (when the baby’s born) in February.  Those two travel around so much on the weekends that we never get a chance to visit them at their house.  Now they’ll be stuck there, for a little while at least, so we’ll invade them, family-style.  This will be the first baby born to our generation in my family.  I can’t wait!
We left NY at 7:00 so we got home a little after 9:00.  I ate dinner at Sarah’s, then left for home around 10.  I slept in on Sunday and started my day a bit later than I would have liked to, so I didn’t finish all that I had planned.  I got my Whole Foods shopping done, then went to lunch with Sarah, Shanna and Sha’s friend Lisa to plan Shanna’s bday party.  Next I went to Michael’s crafts and purchased my cake decorating kit (only cost me half an arm, just past the elbow).  I went home and made dinner (pot stickers as a 1st course and steamed artichokes as a 2nd) and got stuff ready for lunches for today, and baked my cake for Tuesday’s class, and didn’t feel like doing anything else.  That sucks because now I have to do the Stop & Shop groceries tonight, plus make a billion pounds of icing for class, plus make dinner, and probably do the dishes too (since it’s Chris’ night to do them and he’s sick).  Well, such is life.  I’ll get over it.
Tomorrow is travel to Waltham with Ger for work for the day, drive home and scarf dinner from the crock pot (simple pot roast), then run to class and learn new techniques for decorating cakes.  W00t!

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