Baking doggie treats

So yesterday we were going to run out to the mall to pick up a couple of things, but before we left I said “let me follow up with the lady from pug rescue real quick and see where we are in the process.”  Low and behold I called and she immediately checked our references, and said that they had a potential dog for us.  She got me in touch with the foster mom and we are driving out to North Andover today to meet the little guy.
So, we never got to the mall and here I am baking up some peanut butter dog cookies so that we can bribe him into loving us as much as I’m sure that we’ll love him.  Once we meet him and we know for sure he’ll be coming to live with us we’ll have a significant shopping effort to undertake.  Plus, we can’t bring him home this weekend because he’s just had surgery and his staples aren’t coming out until later in the week so we’ll have to drive back out next weekend to get him.
We are so excited!  And now I have the best reason ever to jump right into baking all of the special treats in my doggie cookbook.

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