Best breakfast eva’

So I just had possibly the best breakfast that I’ve ever eaten and, believe it or not, it came out of my own kitchen.  A couple of weeks ago I’d picked up some organic fig preserves and had yet to open them.  Yesterday I bought a loaf of organic flax seed and date bread that’s very crusty like a ciabatta.  I had a hankering today to toast that bread and slather it in preserves and decided that I needed some protein too.  So I rounded up some other ingredients picked up fresh yesterday and got to work.  I lightly sauteed some small-minced shallot and garlic.  While that was working I whipped together a pair of eggs with some milk, then poured that over the layer of aromatics.  Next I sprinkled some herbs de provence over the layer of egg, and finally topped the concoction with some crumbled goat cheese.  When it was mostly cooked I folded it up like a taco, flipped it over to finish, and plated it.  I damn near moaned in ecstasy when I took my first bite.  And the toasted bread with preserves was the perfect match.  It’s a good thing that I don’t have time to cook like that during the week.

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