Returning to work is always the hardest part of taking a vacation. Returning to work on a holiday week, one would think, should be easy. In my case no such luck. It seems that everyone is busier than usual trying to cram every bit of work into a four day week. It’s making for a bunch of very busy bees, although I suppose that’s better than having it drag.
This month is just loaded with all types of events, from birthdays to housewarmings, to moving parties, to holiday celebrations. Even Chris and I (who are not social butterflies) are pre-booked for weeks out and have actually had to turn down invites from friends. What crazy times.
Thoughts on food for parties this weekend:

  • 7/3 Chris’ co-worker’s fireworks celebration: fresh blueberry, strawberry & raspberry cheesecake tartlets
  • 7/4 Family 4th celebration & cousin’s grad party: grilled avocado & tomato salad with pesto & red onion
  • 7/5 Housewarming party: need ideas, not sure whether to go sweet or savory….

On another note, our garden is just beginning to take off.  The rain storms in the last week or so have done the plants well, and even since yesterday our squash plants have grown several inches.  What’s kind of cool is that in areas of the garden where we didn’t plant or mulch, veggies have begun to grow.  I believe that’s because the seeds on top of the compost last fall didn’t have a chance to burn before we spread the mixture over the garden plot.  So now we have extra tomatoes and squashes.  At this rate we should be picking at least squash by next weekend.


  1. yay @ homegrown veggies!

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