Cabinets are here

I apologize, but Chris and I made a decision not to post any pics until the installation is complete.  Each night we come home and it’s like Christmas morning because more progress has been made each day.  Tuesday night we came home to uppers and lowers hanging on two walls.  Wednesday we had them on the third wall.  Thursday we had hardware and trim.  It looks like the under-cabinet lighting has arrived and will soon be installed, as well as the over-range microwave.  We’re getting there a little at a time and it’s awesome to see.
In other news I am fighting the plague.  I’ve felt run down all week and a bit more tired than usual.  I’m putting up a good fight though.  We’ll see where that gets me.  We have holiday parties next Friday and Saturday nights to attend.   Plus Bob goes in for surgery on Thursday to ge his organs tied down.  I’ve not really any time to be sick, but who does?

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