Crazy week

So I didn’t post all of last week because it was pretty hectic.  We were sanding and mudding again after a portion of the ceiling cracked (what fun).  In fact we still hadn’t gotten the ceiling fan hung by Sunday morning and Chris woke up with serious back probs (likely from humping your mom last night).  Yoda ended up coming over and hanging it for us ’cause he’s cool like that. 
Right now the dude is at our house sanding the hell out of our kitchen floor.  We now reside at Le Hotel Sarah and Gerry.  It worked out well that we needed somewhere to sleep and they could use a house sitter/ cat feeder.
I can’t wait to see the end result.  I also can’t wait to have someone come in and measure for cabinets.  Once we see what the floor looks like we’ll be able to coordinate with the cabinets.  If we shopped for them before hand it would have been a guessing game since the sanded floor will be lighter than what we’ve ever seen.

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