Day 4

So, in addition to getting the ceiling hung yesterday we also had other achievements.  Yoda came over with Mom last night and he installed two junction boxes on one wall which allowed our outlets to be moved up about two feet each.  This will allow use of said outlets once the lower cabinets are installed where the outlets used to be.  Yoda also swapped an outlet and a light switch out and into new plastic boxes (instead of old metal ones).  He’s coming back this morning to swap over the last outlet and light switch.  Woo-hoo!
Alex and Danielle are coming over after too.  And Dave and Rie are driving down from New York so school our asses in taping and mudding.  I got up at 5:30 this morning and washed the dishes in a freshly bleached bathtub, then I made coffee, took a shower, grabber my lists and headed out the door (yes, after putting some clothes on- perv).  I went straight to Home Depot and grabbed the last few project necessities.  Then I went to Stop and Shop to get bottled water and ice for the cooler, cold cuts and cheeses, lettuce, tomatoes and rolls so that we can eat lunch today.
I still have to run out for a few more random items, but lots of places weren’t open so early.  As soon as Chris gets out of the shower I think we’ll measure up some sheetrock and start hanging again.

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