Day 5

Holy smokes did the friends and family come out of the woodwork for this stage of the project.  Yoda got up early on a Saturday.  Alex and Danielle too.  Mom came over after her trip to the salon.  Bob came.  Rie and Dave from NY.  Sarah and Ger too.  We had all these bodies in our 12 x 14 kitchen, some on ladders, some measuring on the floor, some on staging.  At this point we have three walls and a cielling and all screw holes are patched.
In a few minutes we will go down and finish hanging sheetrock (I know, I’ve said this several times before).  We will get our true lesson in taping and mudding, including corners, today before Rie and Dave go home.
This whole project has really come together and it would not have without these wonderful friends and family who have helped so much.  We took something on without the skills that we needed under our belts and everyone helped to save our asses.  Everyone has also helped to teach us those skills so that we won’t be so clueless on future projects.  It doesn’t matter whether the help was measuring, cutting, building up a wall, taking out the trash, cooking a meal, or washing the dishes, it all made this come together.  Thanks again to all involved.
Pics are here.  We have work to do.

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