Demolition done

What a day! We got up early and had a very long day. Chris’ brother Bob came over at about 7:30, and the sheetrock got delivered at 8:00. I got to go grocery shopping with Mom at Whole Foods so that we’d have some fresh fruits and veggies for the week.
First came down the trim. Next were the cabinets. The uppers we put out on the curb and another family happily hauled them away a little over an hour ago. The lowers we broke up and put in the dumpster. Sheetrock followed that and was fairly simple. Next came lathe, tons of it. Next was sucking up lots of bits of plaster from inside the walls, and all over the floor. Last we started taking up the floor, or should I say floors. Tammy came and picked up Bob at a little after three which was great because that gave us no excuse to stop working and bring him home.
When Bob left we went outside for a bit and conversed with the neighbors. Johnny next door had poured a concrete patio today and had some lumber to dispose of so he came over to use the dumpster (a favor that we were finally able to return as they happened to have one when we ripped out our ceilings quite a bit back now). Christian came over and we showed him the strawberry plants. Then it was time to work on that floor again.
There are these beautiful old hardwood floors, then old green tile above that, then a luon sub floor, then the floor that we’ve been walking on for two years. Doesn’t sound quite so bad, right? That’s because I haven’t yet mentioned the nails that were strategically placed through the luon sub floor, the bottom tile floor, and through the hardwood floor, every fucking inch or so, all the way across the length of the room. We had to pull them all out in order to pull up the layers. Many a splinter were had today from the luon that busted into shards, if you can say that about wood, as we pulled it up.
We lived. We triumphed. The kitchen is demolished and we did not kill each other. On top of all that, we found the sapphire ring that I lost when we ripped down the ceilings (almost two years ago).

The rest of the pics are here.

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