Ew, storms again

It seems that we’re to be plagued by them for a bit more yet.  The crews can’t even properly clean up the destruction from days ago because every afternoon there are more storms with lightening and wind, and huge, pelting rain.
Seriously, the poor farmers.  My own garden is drowning and it’s heartbreaking.  I couldn’t imagine if that was my sole source of income.   The ground is so saturated that all of the plants are yellowing and getting droopy in a weird way.  They’re not happy.
I’ll be happy if the power stays on tonight.  I have some baking to do yet.  Last night I made chocolate cookies with toffee bits, and reeces pieces cookies.  This morning after gymbo I made molasses cookies.   Right now the ingredients are prepping for oatmeal raisin cookies.  Beyond that I’d like to make two more types so that I can have a variety on my cookie platters for functions that we’re attending over the next few days.
And what is up with all of our expensive, and necessary, crap breaking?  In the last two weeks my truck has been in the shop twice for major repairs.  Then Chris’ car tires had dry rot so he needed a full set of new tires.  Then my cell phone completely shit the bed. I’m talking- only the power button works out of the whole key pad, plus you can’t hear someone talking on the other end and they can’t hear you.  I took it apart and nothing was loose at all, just old and worn down.  It’s the first cell that I ever bought so it’s got some miles on it.  Then I get my bill from the dentist, and between my occlusion and crown I’m into him for over $1,300 (and I don’t think that’ll be the total sum either since I’ve exhausted my individual and family allowances and I’ve since had a cleaning too).
Humans are expensive to keep up.  Never mind dogs and kids.
Yay, it’s Friday.  And we are looking forward to a weekend full of family and friends (and cookie munching).

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  1. Glad we had nice weather Sat. for housewarming…Yesterday, Sunday, we had storms with hail…tomato plants from you are still lookin good. We were going to bring them in during the hail but decided not to since the hail was beating down on our vehicles and didn’t want it beating down on us…Uncle D loves your oatmeal raisin cookies 🙂 his fav…..
    Yes I agree with you, humans and our cars are expensive to keep up..

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