Filled brownie bites

So I was watching the Barefoot Contessa the other day and she was making dishes of recipes from her past. One of her creations was peanut swirl brownies, from scratch of course, and the recipe just looked too good. While at the grocery store at 6:15a.m. on Wednesday I spied some decorative mini cupcake liners and thought “now I have to have those” and I bought them.
So what I did was take Ina’s brownie recipe (minus the peanut butter) and pipe it into the bottom 1/3 of these mini cupcake liners. Next I used a pastry bag to drop in little mounds of organic peanut butter (not the processed kind). Lastly I topped the peanut butter layer with another layer of brownie batter. And then for the fun of it I also made a batch with halved mint Andes candies in the centers instead of peanut butter.
I had to adjust the baking time that was outlined in the original recipe. I think that the brownie bites were a fairly big hit. I heard a few moans coming from the consumers and I didn’t see anybody eat just one. The recipe is here in case you’d like to try it.


  1. Sounds yummy. I’ll have to give them a try.

  2. the brownies were gooooood! I had.. uhh… “a few” of both kinds. hehe. though I have to admit, even though I know organic no-crap-added peanut butter is much better for you, I think if I were to make them I’d use some form of sweetened peanut butter. I am such a typical american!

  3. yeah, the normal peanut butter would add a bit more sweetness and a creamier consistency to the middles. probably not a bad choice.

  4. Yeah I have to agree. I’ve been munching on them this week and the one thing I find dangerous about the hippy peanut butter is that when you eat that brownie bite you get a hint of the peanut butter potential but it’s not quite satisfying enough which makes you want to eat another.. and another.. Oh god make it stop.. I think the creamy sweet PB would go well. Or if there’s a way to smooth out the hippy stuff a bit.

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