Happy Cinco de Mayo

Today is the 5th of May which, by the way, is not Mexican Independence day.  Check out the details here.
Mom is going to leave her house in a few to come over and pick my duff up and head on up to Whole Foods to get our grocery shopping done before the hippies, freaks and geeks will ever consider leaving their homes.   I’ve already leveled off and iced Heather and Jon’s mock wedding cake.  Just waiting for it to crust up before I do the decorating part of the job.  I should be able to start that when I get home from the market.  At noon I have a salon appointment for a waxing, and man do I need it.  After that Chris and I will head up to his sister’s place (which is only a few minutes from the salon) to purchase  tickets for our niece’s Jack & Jill.  When we get home from there it will be time to make up some fresh guacamole and then work it into a 7-layer taco dip to bring to Sarah’s.  I believe that tonight will be a fun & relaxing evening with food, friends, and Sarah’s-margarita bliss.
Have I mentioned lately that I really need a vacation?  We’re taking the week of Memorial Day off this month and I truly can’t wait.  It will be a working vacation for the most part because we’ll be tearing apart & putting back together the kitchen and it will likely be hot & sweaty and aggravating every step of the way, but at least I won’t be doing it from a cubicle with a headset on under fluorescent lights.  By the way, do any of you have any independently wealthy friends that would love to throw lots of money at me to open a bakery?  Didn’t think so, but it was worth a try, right?
Off to start a busy day.


  1. as a hippie, freak, and a geek i resent your comment about leaving my home early. i would have been at whole foods when you were there, but i smoked so much pot last night i was still stoned and covered in motor oil and hampster fur from my online cybersex match last night.

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