So, of course, I was shooting my mouth off this past weekend about how many fewer migraines I was getting as of late.  The box doc prescribed a very low hormone bcp and it’s  helped to significantly reduce the occurrence of migraines on a monthly basis.  Well I was plagued with one yesterday, let me tell you.  And what I can’t understand is that I felt it creep on, inch by stinking, painful inch, up the back of my neck as the stress-induced migraines always do.  But I’m not stressed out, not consciously anyway.  I’m not really worried about anyone close to me, I don’t have any major problems bugging me, and I don’t let work get to me badly enough to do this sort of thing.  I don’t get it.
So anyway, I felt it take over my neck, and kill my range of motion.  I took an ibuprofen before leaving work so that I’d be just loose enough to drive.   Once I got home, I just chilled.  Chris gave me some nice rubbin’s.  When I had dinner I took some narcotics to dull the pain.  We just vegged and watched old episodes of CSI Miami on DVD.  At bedtime I took vascular constrictor and prayed that it would be gone by morning.
While I don’t have any throbbing pain today I do have a narc hangover and those suck.  They leave me feeling lethargic all day long.  I just have to wait until the drug flushes completely out of my system.  I did a three mile walk on a treadmill and drank down 20 oz. of water to start the day.  I’m on my second iced latte now, then no more caffeine for the day.  It should get better from here.

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  1. ooohhhh my poor baby, I do feel for you….I’ll come rub your head and neck anytime you have one, I know all about those nasty migraines…..i especially hate it when they come and there is NO reason for IT…feel better….

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