Kitchen Smitchen

So the dudes came out yesterday.  Dudes being the contractor and the kitchen designer.  I have got to say that after two hours of talking with them my stress and anxiety level is just about through the roof.  Even to the point where it took me almost an hour to relax my body enough to drop off to sleep last night (and that just ain’t me).
Our contractor is wonderful.  He’s experienced, and meticulous, and friendly, and honest.   So honest, in fact, that he told me that he wished that I had called him back in about April or May because he could have helped so muh more.  He’s actually going to have to take a saw to the walls that we just finished painting, and cut out lots of the sheet rock that we hung.  The plumbing is sticking out of the wall at the wrong angle and needs to be moved.  The outlets are all in the wrong places and the 220 line needs replacing (which we kind of new after Chris was almost electrocuted that time).  Basically I was being pretty dumb and trying to plan a kitchen design around the existing outlets and plumbing and that was just not the right thing to do.  I even had his electrician drop the electrical to the wrong place for the dishwasher, because it simply can’t go where it is now.
Additionally, the gaps that we left where the ceiling meets the walls cannot be covered up by wood trim as we had originally thought because we hung the ceiling and the walls so bowed and crooked that we would have huge gaps between the trim and its abutting surfaces.  Mark actually suggested finishing the corners in mud and then painting them- UGH.
Then the kitchen designer, a nice guy, but certainly a sales guy through and through.  The design that he came up with is phenomenal, and as I have yet to see the price tag I cannot judge how well he’s stayed within my budget, but I’d guess it’s more than tripled what I told him I had to spend.  Only time will tell on that one.  I’m figuring that I should have a quote by the end of the week.  I just want this over with….


  1. Need help???

  2. Not yet. All we can do is wait for the quote to come in, see what we can afford and what we can’t, and then make the plan from there. Don’t worry, I’ll not be shy about asking this time 😉

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