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So that pretty theme that I had up with the purple background and butterfly kind of sucked.  Nobody could post comments, and some of my links were stripped out.  I don’t think that I’ll be using that one again.
I just finished icing my cake for this week’s class.  Yellow cake with a white top, pale yellow sides, and yellow star border around the top and bottom.  At class on Tuesday we’ll learn how to do figure piping which we’ll use to make the bodies of clowns and attach plastic heads (pretty creepy).   It’s a really cute cake though.  I made my icing almond flavored this week and I like that a lot better than the vanilla that I made last week.  My mom took pity on me and dropped off her Kitchen Aid stand mixer for me to borrow for a few days.  Last week I thought for sure that I’d burn out the motor on my hand mixer.  They just aren’t made for a job like that.  I looked at finances today and decided that I’ll probably purchase my own stand mixer some time in March.
So I believe that I’ve developed another cold.  I wasn’t even 100% over the one that I’ve had since Christmas, and I’m definitely sick again, but with something different.  Much milder this time though.  I woke up on Saturday and sounded really stuffy but thought that it was just my body doing a “final push” to clear out the last of what was left of my xmas cold, but as the day wore on I got progressively worse.  Sleeping last night was not fun, and I felt like ass this morning.  I just don’t get it, I eat healthy, work out, take good vitamins, why am I plagued so?
Ooh, I went to Michael’s crafts today to grab some supplies for class and they had the schedule out for February.  It looks like the gumpaste and fondant class will be held on a Monday night which means that it won’t interfere with the seminar I’ve enrolled in at STCC.  W00t!
We just had a roasted whole chicken with pumpkin and butternut squash stuffed ravioli and steamed asparagus for dinner.  It was quite yummy if I do say so myself.  Time to finish tidying up and get to bed.  Let’s see if I can feel well enough to get myself to the gym in the morning….


  1. I’m not sure if it is available anymore, but there was a nice Kitchenaid rebate available for a while. I don’t remember how much off for a big mixer or when it expired (likely it expires at the end of this month), but it’s better than nothing. Macy’s usually has good sales on them too.
    Hope you get over your cold quickly. I’m absolutely paranoid that I’ll get sick again. I’ve got a bottle of sanitizer everywhere I spend more than a few hours just so I can kill any potential germs. Sue thinks I’m nuts and I probably am.

  2. BTW another nice them out there is one from Glued Ideas:
    You can view it at this blog: She modified it a little bit to make it look like her old site a bit, but for the most part it is the theme in action. Pretty nice, but I won’t use it myself. Too girly.

  3. i tried looking up the kitchenaid rebate info and came up with this site page:
    looks like you can get $30 rebate if you buy certain models by 3/31/07.
    go for it.

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