No racing for me

I’ve been putting off saying it out loud, or typing it, until I was really sure, but I will not be racing in the 10k this weekend.  One week ago today I had gotten my time for running the 6.2 mile distance down to one hour, three minutes, and twelve seconds.  For someone who had previously not run better than 5.5 miles per hour, that was pretty good.  Unfortunately I have not run since that day.  My body is slowly, but surely, coming down with the plague.  Constantly tired, raw throat, sore chest cavity, and a craving for tea (which I normally never crave), I am getting sick.  So if you are one of the people that I’ve been hounding to come and spectate, you are free to make alternative plans.  I will be at home, pissing and moaning about the folks who came to the gym sick, and those who came to work sick (even though they have the ability to work from home) 🙁


  1. So sorry to hear you’re not up to snuff these days…Nasty Peeps sharing something you didn’t want to share…I made Uncle D some potato soup Tues. since he’s got it too…Once you eat the soup, you get under the covers so the soup warms you up and makes you sweat with all the onions in it 🙂 and you just sweat away the nasty bug… I’d be happy to bring some over for you (made a huge pot full) and to make you some tea!!! XOXO

  2. that is a sweet offer. I’ll decline though (tater soup could likely kill my stomach). plus, I’m not stay-in-bed bad yet. sucky thing is that I feel like crap, but my immune system is fighting really hard so I’m not coming down with it full-blown. so I sleep about 9 hours at night (which is too long for me normally), wake up feeling wonky, feel better around noon, then crash by dinner time with the sore throat & chest again, then re-start the cycle. it’s making me fairly nuts and I wish I would just get full-blown sick and stay in bed, then get better. blah!

  3. …and those who came to work sick

    and those who allow sick kids to attend daycare and infect your child so that your child and the rest of the people that come in contact with your kid get sick as well.
    See, I can piss and moan too. Hope you feel better.

  4. seriously, it’s just rude. glad to see that someone else gets it.

  5. you know, if companies gave a reasonable amount of sick days this wouldn’t be a problem. i never understood the concept: you have 5 sick days a year.
    okay, well i’ll make sure i don’t get sick more than that. or we have to figure out how sick we are on a sliding scale and gauge whether we’ll be likely to be sicker at some point, and need to save those days until that time.
    we could also blame it on the employees who live unhealthy lives and actually get sick more than 5x a year. [i get sick less than 1x a year, and it used to be less than that before i was stuck in front of a computer all day.] we could also blame it on employees who take sick days as vacation, and then when they actually get sick have to come in to the office. this isn’t to mention people that have issues with properly washing their hands, etc.
    in conclusion, everyone is to blame. the companies, the employees, everyone. its things like this that compose one hell of a list that makes me glad to be working from home . . .

  6. in other news, you never bugged me to come and watch you run . . . and you know i’d *love* to watch you run.
    in all seriousness i’d have been your running partner had you asked . . .

  7. i love lists.
    and the fact that you would love that way too much would normally deter me from asking, but i did not want to make a bunch of peeps feel like they had to come and watch me (other than my sister and mom, and my aunt who willingly volunteered).
    i felt great this morning so i went back to they gym. i basically told the guys who are all running in the race that if i wake up tomorrow and feel like i can run 6 miles without dying (and still feel that way by around noon) then i’ll be there, otherwise i won’t.
    basically you can still register to run on the day of the race so all options are not closed.

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