Oh the weather outside is frightful

I woke up throughout the night to see fluffy snow falling.  By the time I left for the gym at 4:45 it was freezing rain.  When I left the gym for home it was hailing.  The roads were very messy and easy to slip on.  Why couldn’t Mother Nature have the decency to give us a snowstorm with just one type of precipitation?  When it layers up like it did today we can’t even use a snowblower because it just makes a mess of the machine.  Bleh.
Looking forward to making a cheesecake for work on Friday with a chocolate crust and fresh blueberries baked in.  Doesn’t quite fit in with the season, but when asked that’s what was requested by the peeps, so that’s what I’ll make.
I’ve got to say, the lack of stress from making lists and shopping for gifts this year is quite welcome.  We’ve saved time, money, a portion of the environment, and a ton of stress.  I’m liking this.  I can actually look forward to the holiday and spending time with peeps rather than trying to figure out who I forgot to buy for, or whether or not I can get everthing wrapped in time.  No separating of gifts for each of the different households that we visit and trying to remember to pack them all in the truck when we begin our rounds.  I will definitely keep it this way from now on.  Birthdays I will celebrate by showering with gifts every year, but for Christmas- no more!

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  1. You go girl! The gifts aren’t what matter anyway.

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