OK, so I have no will power

I did it.  I turned on the heat.  But I do have good reason for doing so.  You see, I can deal with a cold floor as I just put on a thick pair of socks.  Cold air, add a sweater.  Cold bed, sleep in PJs.  But when I sat on the toilet this morning and my bum went numb because the seat was so cold, it was time.  It had dropped to about 57 in the house (and it was even colder on the 2nd floor, oddly enough).
Last night’s dinner was lasagna.  I usually love lasagna, almost no matter how it’s prepared, but I didn’t love this one.  Chris asked that I put in lots of hamburger.  Normally when I do this I make two dishes, one with meat for him and one without for myself.  I didn’t do that and I was sorely disappointed.  I just don’t like ground beef and so it killed my pallet for the meal.  Next time I won’t be so lazy.  The steamed green beans were great as was the garlic bread so not all was lost.  (Yes Ger, your beefy lasagna and green beans are in the fridge for lunch).
Last night’s chores included putting away laundry left from Sunday and scraping silicone caulk off of the dining room floor.  You see, before I sealed up the new window in that room I had to cut open a new tube of caulk.  Once it was open, I primed the gun, and next thing I knew silicone goo was oozing all over my hardwood floor.  Trying to clean that up with a paper towel was useless, and wetting said towel made it significantly worse.  So I made the executive decision to let it dry and scrape it up later.  That effort was about 90% successful.  Now tonight I will have to work on digging out the remains from between the floor boards.  Yay.


  1. Damn you, now I have to go into the office!

  2. yeh, silicone is a pita for cleanup. you basically need an entire roll of dry paper towels. noticed last night that it was below freezing for i think the first time. houses are gonna be pretty chilly when i get back . . .

  3. so, you’re a numb bum are ya?
    do numb bums have birthday celebrations? hmmmm?

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