One hell of a week

It’s been quite a week for me.  Not so much because of work,  I mean, it was crazy-busy, but nothing unmanageable.  But more because of shitty things that have happened.

  • Sunday, neighbor Mary (next door) informs us that she has lung cancer, and it’s not anything that’s operable
  • Tuesday, a co-worker passes away quite unexpectedly
  • Friday, Dad finds out that he’s losing his job as the local economy takes another turn for the worst and closes the plant

I am bound and determined to do something positive this weekend.  I will not be sucked down into a depression that I so easily let myself fall into sometimes.  I am going to bake in a little bit because I find that very therapeutic.  Maybe later I’ll go see if Mary would like me to walk her dog, Lillian.  Then we may swing into the local shelter to check on a couple of pugs who were brought in last week.  They have some health problems and I’d like to discuss with the staff how serious they are before we make any decision either way.

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