Pics from NY

The pics are finally up from our trip to NY this past weekend. I’ve been slacking. I can blame it on the heat or the fact that I’ve been tired for the last 5 days, but really I’ve just been lazy. This one is my favorite of the bunch
So the dude called yesterday about the floors. He is in the middle of a very big job but can squeeze ours in August 13-15. That rocks! He also suggested that we not prime and paint until he finishes, that way we’re not having to wipe 1/4 inch of sawdust off of new paint. So we’re going to make sure that all sanding is complete prior to his arrival, reinstall the ceiling fan with light kit so that he can see, and move the refer out of the room. Yay, it’s really coming together more now.

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  1. Nice pics kiddo,,,except the fat bald guy,,, AKA ME. Damn I take a horrible picture. Least I didn’t have a beer in my hand, or did I ?

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