When I made the spicy coconut shrimp recently, I was in need of a side dish.  Since the shrimp were being served on top of rice, I didn’t want a pasta side, and I couldn’t figure what veg what go perfectly, so I went in search of something that would be cool and crisp.  This is where I discovered raita.

From what I’ve read, raita has its roots in Pakistan and/or India.  It’s typically used as a sauce or a dip, a condiment really.  I adapted it by making a chunkier version that was served as a salad.
1 Cucumber
1 Tomato
1 green chili, finely chopped
½ Cup non-fat Greek yogurt
Salt and pepper

  • Mix together all ingredients and serve chilled

I did find that as the salad chilled, the veggies dropped some water and the yogurt solidified a bit, looking funny.  no worries!  Just give it a good stir and it’ll look great again.

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  1. i do that with raita too! but i usually put fresh dill and lemon juice in mine. and some cayenne pepper too. 🙂

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