Sick again, d’ang it

Yup, I’m sick again.  Last week I felt like a complete slug, although I know myself well enough to understand that feeling sometimes comes with cold and dreary weather so I thought nothing of it.  This week is another story.  Monday afternoon I was on a call at work and my throat started feeling really raw.  Next my body felt real tired and weak.  By Tuesday I had incorporated stuffy nose and some mild chest irritation.  It’s just snowballed from there.  Yesterday I actually took an entire sick day.  I just cleared my calendar, emailed the boss, and got back in bed.  Stayed there almost all day too.  I alternated sleeping and reading cheesy romance novels.  Feeling better today for it too.  I still feel like crap, but to a lesser degree.
So it’s been an interesting week.  Last Friday we went to dinner (as mentioned in previous post) with the Ryder clan and a friend of the family.  After dinner a subset of the group went to church.  I must say that I was a little irritated that a) they stopped taking the vip paper passes that we had for free entry (back in November) and b) raised the entry fee from $3.00 to $5.00.  As if they’re not ripping you enough for every little thing you buy inside ($2.75 for 12 oz. of bottled water, $13.00 for a pitcher of warm Budweiser).  It was a nice time though.  On the way out Chris invited Sarah and Ger over for breakfast Saturday morning.
So we had some nice bacon and fried eggs and english muffs.  Some coffee too.  Then Sarah and Ger took off to meet up with Heather and Jon for their day’s activities.  I took to scrubbing the kitchen floor and washing laundry and some baking too.  Chris went to his brother’s to help with hanging new drywall in the living room & mudding to follow.  Later on I went over too and we had some pizza and sat around gabbing for a while.
Sunday we had my sister-in-law Sue over for breakfast.  She brought Godzilla and Gadzookie (Mitchell and Kyra) with her.  We had french toast and bacon, blackberries, and peanut butter banana bread with chocolate chips.  She stayed for a few hours so the kids could play the drums, tear up the house, and trash the folded laundry.  It was a good time.  After they left we went grocery shopping.  Once we were home I had to prepare for cake class and make three consistencies of icing and re-pack my toolkit to include the new class’ tools.
Monday I went to my new class at AC Moore.  What a difference from the class at Michael’s.  Besides myself, there are only three other students (a woman and her two daughters).  Michael’s class was at least 12 people and we were crammed into a classroom where management kept stuffing stock because of a renovation going on in the store.  In this class I am learning to use two new types of icing, royal and color flow.  There are different techniques associated with each that I am learning as well.  This will significantly broaden my decorating options, and not just for cakes.
On Tuesday Chris went to work as usual.  One of his co-workers noticed that his car’s inspection sticker had expired at the end of February.  He checked it in at service and asked them to re-inspect.  When the guy took a look at the registration he noticed that it was expired as well, and had been so since January.  Fabulous.  So I picked Chris up from work that day because it would be his luck to get pulled over for a bad inspection, then be bagged for the registration as well.  The police would have towed the car and impounded and it would have cost us a ton of money.  It was much safer to leave the car at Balise and do what we needed to do.
On Wednesday Chris took his other car to work.  It’s not so bad having a spare vehicle just lying around.  This allowed us to call around and get our paperwork in order.  I was actually able to pay a $5.00 fee to have our agent print the new registration out right at their office, instead of standing in line at the registry.   I loved that.  So I picked up the new reg from their office on Tuesday, dropped it off at Balise, the car was inspected (and we had them do an oil change too).  Thursday I drove Chris to work and he was able to drive his car home that night.  Disaster avoided.
Thursday was crazy ’cause I was so sick that I didn’t want to get out of bed, but I had to drop Chris at work.  So I did just that, I got up, brought him to work, came home and got back in bed.  Chris had to go to the dentist for a cleaning in the afternoon, then come home early to drive me to an eye doctor appointment (my first since high school).  His teeth are clean and I’m not blind (yet).  He even made himself an appointment to have the roots of three broken teeth pulled in a couple of weeks.  I have a note on the way for a very weak prescription for driving only which the doctor suggested I have tinted for night driving.  Not too bad for almost thirty.
So here we are at today.  Better than yesterday but I also have to work all day.  We’ll see how it goes.  Hoping for a calm and quiet day (yeah right).


  1. WHERE ARE THE PICS ON THIS BLOG??? Sorry,didn’t mean to yell.(hehe, maybe I did)
    You have got to give codebitch some compatition!

  2. must… buy… stinking… card reader….

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