I haven’t posted lately and there’s no real reason for that.  I’ve just not been inspired lately.  There are some wonderful things to talk about like the fact that Shaun and Sue are expecting another little girl, that fall is just around the corner and that’s my favorite time of year, that I’m about ready to start baking bread again now that the humidity is gone.  Maybe I’ll even decorate a cake again soon.  Littlest sis, Becca, is about to get her driving permit.  Wedding anniversaries have been celebrated, closing out another year learning about and living with each other, and beginning another.
There is also lots of sadness. Folks experiencing financial troubles.  Families going through divorce.  People/animals getting older and experiencing the not-so-bright side of life.  People dealing with excessive amounts of stress.  It’s cold season again too.  I don’t like to dwell on any of this stuff, but it’s always there, at the back of my brain, gnawing away at me.  As long as I can keep the balance at about 80% positive and 20% this stuff, things should be peachy.

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