So many decisions

It’s barely even the beginning of winter and the catalogs are coming out for gardening.  We really need to decide now if were going to attempt to start from seeds, or if we’re going to chance waiting for spring and hope that the local nurseries have all of the vegetables that we’re looking for.  We actually need to sit down this weekend, decide which veggies we’ll raise, map out the garden, and put our orders in.  I think that we may get some dwarf fruit trees this year.  They come in pots and can go out on the patio in warm weather, then come inside during the winter.  They actually produce fruits like oranges, lemons, limes, pomegranetes, etc.
As for the rear of our property I think that we will definitely be undergoing a massive cleanup effort in the spring to remove what is currently there, and planting blueberry bushes, grape vines, and transplanting our raspberry & blackberry bushes.  This will cover up the view of the ugliness and give us some fruits that we love.
In other news, I need a haircut.  I love having short hair except for the fact that it requires so much upkeep.  After I get it cut I have about three weeks before I need a trim, and if I go beyond that then I become insane and end up whacking it even shorter than it had been previously.
Chris was so manly last nice I’m surprised he wasn’t grunting or something.  He came home from work and had to bring something down to the basement for storage.  On his way back up he noticed that the hand rail was loose at the top of the stairs.  He scoped out the situation, broke out the tools, took the thing apart, and put it back together in a secure manner.  Now the rail is nice and tight to the wall.  Best part is, I never even asked him to do it, or complained about it or anything.  He did it all on his own.  I love that!
Dinner tonight will be lasagna with roasted green beans.  I got a few wonderful recipes for variations of roasted green beans and I’ll be trying them out over the next couple of weeks.


  1. Just a thought on the big cleanup. Even if you do get your measurements take before and after pic’s. Take the before pics in the winter (pre cleanup) then in the spring/summer (post clean up). Unfortunately I know someone who was sued for clearing brush and it happens that some was on the neighbors propertry. It cost him thousands for clearing brush away. The neighbor said there were trees there (there wasn,t) and he had old pic’s of them. The guy I know lost the case. He said it cost him $10,000.00 plus costs for clearing brush away. The moral is, be very careful when doing anything at your house. It seems to me that there are laws for anything you want to do to your home from painting to planting anything on the outside. If its not a pissy neighbor then its the town/city. Not trying to bring you down I just felt I should warn you. I see people every day getting into trouble for doing something harmless to their home, but against some dumb ass law just the same. That is why I said that the file exists in the town hall.
    On a good note, You go Chris, you will be making all sorts of repairs in no time. It’s not only needed, it’s fun too. 😉 Uncle D.

  2. Thanks so much for all of that info. I would rather cover all of my bases and pull my projects off cheaply, if a little off schedule than complete it quickly and have to pay for it in arrears. That would piss me off!

  3. Oooh, roasted greenbeans sound really good, I don’t think I’ve ever had them roasted before. Also, did sarah happen to give you the little christmas gift I left at her house for you?

  4. @ heather: not yet, but she did tell me that she has something from you. I just haven’t been to her house since then, and the only time that she was here was unplanned so she didn’t bring it with.

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