So we got some stuff done this weekend

On Saturday morning we got up and went for a walk. We went from our house all the way down Main St. to Nuestras Raices where we checked out the local farming. Next we saw the Jones Ferry public boat launch and docks which look to be a promising new fishing spot this summer for Chris. We took a detour through some side streets and then back up to Main where we got nosy and admired peoples’ gardens all the way up the street.
When we got near home we looked at the front of our house, then at those of our neighbors and realized that ours was not up to par and needed some work. You could see the leftover drywall through the porch windows, and there was a big naked spot in the front yard where we pulled out that awful bush. We got straight to work. We cleaned off the porch so that said drywall was moved to a spot where it can only be seen from inside the porch. We cleaned up the portch quite well (at least compared to how it was).
Next I tried to be creative, and as far as I’m concerned it worked. I took one of the original entry doors from the house and stuck it in the front yard. I planted a yellow rose bush behind it so that blooms can be seen through the glass, and put a lavendar trumpet vine in front, with ivy on the sides. As a finishing touch I added some colorful flowers of some sort flanking the sides. It was late when I took the pic, but this is the general idea.

We also purchased a fire pit. It took a while to put together, but we were happy with the outcome. We happen to be the owners of several large chunks of log which make for great seating around the fire.

Today we went to Sarah’s for breakfast to see Yoda for Father’s Day. We ate, seriously, about a ton of food. Next we went to visit my father-in-law Dick for a bit. After that it was back to the house projects. We came home and immediately mudded the kitchen so that it would have all day to dry. Next we went to Home Depot to grab a few items and came home with this screenhouse/tent thingy. We both like it a lot, and we got tons of positive feedback from neighbors on both sides.

Alex and Danielle just happend to stop by to drop something off when we were in the midst of the hairy part of putting this together and ended up helping out tremendously. I must say, I loved that!  A bit before that we were passed roast pig and rice & beans over the fence from the celebrations next door and told to stop working and eat.  Can it get any better than that?  I think not.
Last, but not least, is one of my completed projects from last weekend. I transformed the area that used to house our garbage cans and recycle bins into an area that I find much nicer to lok at.

And now it is time for bed.  I have a 5:00a.m. appointment with a personal trainer.  She’s gonna help me to jump-start my exercise routine so that I can firm up my flabbies and begin to lose weight again.


  1. Wow, I guess you did get some stuff done. I think i want to see that door in person; sounds interesting. I like the fire pit and all the other things; they look great.
    Great work.

  2. Busy, busy, busy. Owning a home ensures that you never run out of work.

  3. @ ma: well you’ll just have to come on over. how’s Friday sound? I’ll even feed ya. oh, might be a few other peeps here too. hope you don’t mind crowds….
    @ Shaun: heck yes. you and I both.

  4. Awesome job Jessie,when can i see it in person??

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