The electrician is coming

So last night, after work, we had some quick and easy salads and garlic toast to eat, packed up the truck, and went to Chris’ Mom‘s apartment to collect some of her more prized possessions out of the garden.  She really wanted her beach roses and the clematis‘ and a few other odds and ends.  We dug out as much as we had pots for, loaded the truck all the way to the end, and headed for his Mom’s house.  By the time we got there it was about 7:00 and I knew I’d be tired very soon so we got straight to work.  Mitchell and Kyra had spent a lot of time collecting small rocks throughout the day for the beach-themed garden that we were creating and that was very helpful.  We worked until it got dark on us and my body began to shut down and then drove home with promises to return and finish the job.
When we got home we had one voice mail.  It was the electrician calling to say that he’d be here by 9:00a.m. today.   He had said that he’d make it over some time this week and that he’d call ahead, and he did.  So I had to fire up the old laptop and juggle my schedule around for the morning to be sure that I could be home for him.  Next step was bed.  I wasn’t asleep until at least 9:30.  I woke this morning full of aches and pains from weight lifting yesterday morning and then heavy duty speed-gardening at night.  And straight way the thoughts began to creep in about all of the things that had to be neatened up and moved out of the way in order for the electrician to do his job.
Does that happen to anyone else?  Do you wake in the morning and instead of being able to lay in bed and wake up pleasantly do you immediately jump up and begin about 14 different jobs/chores, none of which you may actually finish?  Sometimes I wake when it’s still dark out, on a Saturday, and start thinking about the loads of laundry that have to be washed, how the gardens need to be weeded, dishes washed, bathrooms cleaned, market shopped, and then anything that’s been scheduled for social events, and I simply can’t go back to sleep.  Maybe I’m kind of nuts… maybe there’s no maybe about it.


  1. yep.. gerry likes to tell me that i’m crazy because i’m the same way sometimes.

  2. Holy cow, you and sarita are definitely sisters.

  3. yer my sister! yer my sister!

  4. That happens to me every day twice a day, goin to work and comeing home. Can we spell S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D. Oh by the way hay,,,, I’m out of a job,,,,, YAY ME….
    Uncle D.

  5. got news for ya both, i did it first

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