The office

So my office is like a whole new room.  The cockpit is gone, having found a new home at Bob’s place and a new owner in Tammy.  My new desk is on a different wall.  File organization is under way.  The new book shelf is set up, and quite full already.  I grabbed one new picture frame on Sunday so that I could consolidate all of my 4x6s of Emelia in the same frame.  Then I rummaged around the house and found a bunch of coordinating frames, stuffed them with fresh pics, and hung them on my walls.  I hung my Uncle Dave shelves both in one corner, one with my wallet pics of all the nieces and nephews, and the other with our shot glass collection.  With the exception of the small pile in the middle of the room that still needs some going through, I think it looks pretty damn good.  And once that pile is gone we can begin to pull up the rug and see what’s beneath it.  If there’s salvageable wood then we’ll have another project ahead of us soon, and if not then I will keep the gross carpet until we re-haul the 2nd floor in another 10 years or so.
So the organization of my office sparked better organization of our bedroom closet as we needed more storage space.  We got rid of clothes and shoes that were not being worn, threw out junk that we were keeping for no need, and found quite a bit of space in that closet.
And low and behold when we stopped in at a store on Sunday just to poke around at clearance items, Chris fell in love with some office furniture.  So we ordered him up a desk and book shelf and got 35% total off the sticker price.  So next weekend we’ll be hauling the junk out of his office, setting up  new furniture, and organizing his stuff.  Pretty soon we might even have a house that looks like grown-ups live in it, rather than college kids….
So we’ve agreed that each night this week we’ll work on organization.  Not such a fun task, but the outcome is well worth it.

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