the quote

So the quote came in the mail yesterday for our kitchen.  I left it unopened until Chris came home so that we could open it together.  That way if one of us had a heart attack, the other should be able to dial 911.  Neither of us did though.  Honestly, it was less than I thought it’d be based on other prices that I’ve heard.  More than I have in my back pocket right now too.  It’s time to make a list of our options and then decide what to do.  I think that we can probably swing it with a little maneuvering.  Wish me luck….


  1. How much can you shave off the quote if you,(we) do some of it yourselves (ourselves)? Oh yeah by the way,,, good cookies.

  2. I’m digging into that today. Glad you liked the cookies 🙂

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