weekend. sleep. what?

So it being Saturday and all, I though that I would sleep in a bit later than usual. That was not to be. Duncan decided to answer the call of the wild that came in at 4:40 telling him that nature’s pocket needed to be emptied, immediately. Since he can’t take himself outside for his morning constitutional, I got up. So now I’ve just stripped off my knock-off wellies, and closed the door to the sounds of police sirens rolling in from the flats.  The pots and pans are washed and the dishwasher is running with the rest of yesterday’s mess.  Maybe I’ll just get started on making today’s mess.
I have some baking to do for the weekend.  When Chris gets up (he had an extremely physically draining work day yesterday) we can finish decorating our colored eggs from last night.  I really should wash some laundry, and do some vacuuming too.  Now that we have a dog, we have tons of hair all over the house and in some spots we’ve even got tumble-weeds.

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