What a crazy week

Ok, Sunday morning wake up and automatically bake a cake because that’s what I do on Sundays to prepare for cake class Monday night.  While cake is in the oven, drag out book for class and begin gathering items on the check-list and packing them.  Get to bottom of list and realize that no cake is needed for this class.  We are focusing on making flowers this week.  Doh!  Well it didn’t go to waste.  I had made a devil’s food cake so I whipped together some peanut butter icing as well as a small batch of chocolate (for borders and such) and created a masterpiece.  Chris took that one to work on Monday for his boys.
Monday went as Mondays do.  Went to work, then to cake class.  Got really pissed off at trying to create some types of flowers with gum paste because the stuff started to tear.  I fear that I will never master creating the carnation, and I honestly don’t care all that much since I can make daisies just fine and they’re much prettier.
Tuesday night we had nothing scheduled but I had four bananas that had turned to black waiting for me to eat them.  So, I stole my sisters awesome recipe and made our family’s banana bread but substituted the fat (which is usually coconut oil in mine) with natural, organic peanut butter, and threw in two handfuls of chocolate chips.  I made one bundt for Chris to bring to work with butter and sugar, etc. and one for me to bring in that was hippified (i.e. whole wheat flour, wheat germ, honey) but both included peanut butter and chocolate.  Neither one of us had to worry about bringing home a crumb.  I tried a piece of the hippy loaf and it was excellent, just like Sarah’s.
Wednesday I had work all day, followed by small business class.  That made for a long day.  Class was good though.  We watched a video (probably circa 1988) that had interviews of folks that have gone into business for themselves.  One of the guys was the original owner of Celestial Seasonings and another was the founder of Pizza Hut.  Each of them had totally different opinions of how to start and run a business, and each had great reasons behind their opinions.  The part I can’t get a handle on is financing.  The banker in the video stressed the same thing that our instructor had: banks don’t like to finance start-ups.  They love to offer funding for your advertising, and for expansions, etc., but start-ups are too risky.  WTF?  If you’re too risky for the bank, won’t you be too risky for investors too?  This part is going to take some serious research.
Thursday was fairly uneventful.  After work I washed what seemed like two tons of dishes.  Then I began unburying the dining room table (which we haven’t seen since approximately two days before Christmas).  Didn’t get too far, but I made a pretty good dent in it.  I can probably finish this coming week since Monday is my last cake class until April.  It’s mostly baking & decorating crap all over that I need to find storage for.  I can’t wait to finish the kitchen, I seriously need more cabinets.
And now today.  Work has been heating up all week and I’m not loving it.  The VP of IT very nicely suggested that an entire team (that I’m on) work through this weekend, and any other upcoming ones that we need to in order to wrap this high-level project.  I sweet-talked her out of that real fast.  We have plans to go to NY in the morning to visit with Shaun and Sue and Emelia.  We have gifts to bring, pictures to take, and cake to eat, and I give that up for nobody.  Sorry, but until I own it, work does not come before my family (and even then there’s some question).
My brother Mike called this morning to tell me that he passed his physical.  Now he can start the training academy in April to become a prison guard.  He’s very excited.
And I have a migraine the size of the state of Texas.  I ate some Imitrex before lunch to try and stop it from progressing.  I’m trying to avoid pain killers ’cause they’re so toxic to the liver and all.  We’ll see how long I make it without.


  1. Speaking of start ups, if/when you do start up, I’d be interested in making an investment in your company in exchange for shares when you start getting orders from fucking starbucks for your awesome stuff 😉
    But seriously though, I mean it.

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