What did I do to deserve this?

I had a great day on Saturday.  I got some housework done, did some laundry, shopped for groceries and a few niceities for the house, had a great dinner with Sarah and Ger, went dancing with Shanna and friends.  I woke up on Sunday feeling great, just a little congested still from my cold of last week.  I went out shopping with my sister-in-law and started feeling really crappy.  I was sweating when I shouldn’t have been, I was really tired and constantly yawning, I was nauseous like nobody’s business.  She brought me home and I literally dropped everything right on the floor and went directly to the sofa to lay down.  By 2:00 I’d had it with being nauseous and I went up to the bathroom to vomit.  Well didn’t that ever become the trend for the day… six times over the next few hours until I had nothing left but bile, and then even that was gone.  So I slept and puked my Sunday away.  By the time the Giants won the playoff game I was finally feeling better.  No more nausea or fever or chills, just a stiff neck left from laying on the sofa all day, and some pulled stomach muscles.
So today I’m sipping some nice blackberry tea and choking down some toasted white bread in an effort to ease my stomach back into normal eating.  Just taking it easy in my PJs that Mom gave me 100 years ago, little thermal shorts and top with Winnie the Pooh on them.

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