Yay for incompetence

So, as mentioned in the previous post, I drove out to Michael’s in Enfield.  This was because on Sunday night I tried to register for a class online and that was not possible.  I then called the store and was told that I could register over the phone I just needed to speak to the woman at register 1 and she would sign me up.  I was transferred to said chick at 1 who informed me that I would need to come into the store and personally sign up for that class.  I asked for the store hours for Monday and was given them.
Upon arriving at the store I went directly to register 1.  I told the woman my intentions and she made a strange face and said “I’m not saying anything yet, just give me a minute”.  She then opened a large binder containing all of the class sign-up sheets and said “just as I thought… this class is full and has been for some days”.  My response was, of course “well it would have been nice if one of the two ladies that I spoke with last night could have informed me of that before directing me to drive here from Holyoke.”  She was every bit apologetic, took down the names of the ladies to whom I had spoken, and told me that she’d be letting her store manager know what had happened so that they could train folks a bit better.  She also told me that the other stores in the area offer the same class, just on a different schedule.  Since we had a list of stuff to get at Home Depot, we drove to West Springfield and I registered for my class at that Michael’s. 
Home Depot was Home Depot.  We had four things on our list and only left with two of them.  One was a mail box kit and we found that the one we want needs to be sunk in a cement base in the ground and we decided that it would be best to do that in the spring.  The most important item on the list was a cigarette butt receptacle.  We toured the store and didn’t find any, so we stopped an associate and asked if she knew where we could find them.  She looked at me in a way that clearly indicated that she didn’t understand the meaning of “receptacle” and told us that she was pretty sure they could be special ordered.  I informed her that I had seen them in the store before and just couldn’t remember where, and she repeated her first answer.  We decided to give the freezing cold garden center a walk-through, just in case, but to no avail.  So, we left the store with S-hooks and stainless steel cleaner (and maybe a couple of gift bags and decorations that were on clearance).
When we got home we went to work on that back door frame.  It’s completely hopeless.  We had to remove so much from the original doorway in order to install the new door that the frame just doesn’t fit right anymore.  Once spring gets here with some more permenant warm weather we’ll have to strip the area down to the frame and rebuild it from the inside out.  Bummer.  I just need to keep watching the shows on HGTV, they keep me inspired to stay on top of our home improvement projects.
Tonight’s menu: leftover chicken pot pie that I had made the other night.  I have to eat and run to make it to the cake class on time.


  1. I,ve had a few days like that, to the tune of 4 or 5 a week. Do you suppose we could act that way with customers and still have a job???? The world has gone from the customer is always right,,, straight to,,, the customer is interupting my coffee break and how dare he !!!!!. Anyway,, need help with the door???
    Uncle D.

  2. @ Uncle Dave: yes, I suspect that we will need much help with the door when it comes time to do it. It’s quite a mess and we’re pretty clueless when it comes to playing with wood and saws and such.

  3. I’ve heard good things about your skills playing with wood!

  4. Name the time and day an I’m yours. As for your skills with wood,,,,, depends on the species I’d bet……
    Uncle D.

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