Yay, it’s Friday

W00t!  It finally came.  It’s here, it’s here.  I am so happy.  I woke up an hour before the alarm this morning so rather than waste the time I went down to the kitchen and whipped up a peanut butter banana bread with chocolate chips.  Last night’s project was a double chocolate torte.  This includes a rich and very dense chocolate cake topped with a layer of chocolate mousse, and right before we eat it there will be a layer of freshly whipped cream, and raspberries glazed in red currant sauce.  This is a recipe that is certain to cause a slow and painful death, but it’s perfect for dessert after cousin dinner.
Sarah and I don’t get to see nearly enough of our cousin Shaun and his lovely wife and daughter, and tonight they’re driving here from NY and we’re going to have dinner together.   Sarah has an awesome meal planned and I’ll bring dessert, and we’ll all get fatter together and enjoy each other’s company.  I can’t wait!
Tomorrow we’ll spend the day milling through the crowds of the Big E.  It has to be done once a year.  Chris looks forward to stuffing himself on nitro corn dogs and warm draft beer.  When he takes that first bite he gets a look on his face like he’s just reached orgasm.  Kind of sick, I know, but we all have our one food that just makes us cream our panties, don’t we?

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