A visit to a farm

Yesterday we trekked to Outlook Farm in Westhampton for what they were calling their “peach festival”.  It was pretty neat.  As we got there it was just beginning to sprinkle.  They had a large tent set up over their picnic tables so that folks could stay dry while they ate.  There was a table covered with sides (pasta salad, cole slaw, corn on the cob, corn bread), and a menu for grilled meats (chicken breasts, ribs, sausages, pulled pork).  There was another tent for the band who played southern rock while we ate.  We ordered our food, ate, listened to music, got dessert (ricotta pound cake with fresh peaches & local peach ice cream) from the ice cream shack, then walked through the country store.
The country store was interesting.  It looks like it started out as a vegetable stand which then expanded to include a small restaurant, then added deli cases for prepared foods.  They also sell such local goodnesses as honey, homemade breads, pies, etc.  Jay & Nate both bought peaches which are just coming into season here.
After all that munching we went for a walk in the “dog” park in Hamp.  We wrapped up the day watching Ratatouille.  What an adorable movie!

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