Aah Saturday

So I went to the gym this morning, which is not the norm for me on a weekend, but because I had skipped on Monday due to Superbowl slacking I felt that I had to make up.  It felt good to go (once I was there).  Suck part is that yesterday I pulled my extreme upper hamstring doing weighted squats, so after today’s workout I felt like there was a baseball inside my thigh, and directly under my ass cheek.  Not the best feeling in the world, but I’ve had worse.
I’ve heard it through the grapevine that my cousin’s had me another cousin.  Shaun and Sue have welcomed their new baby girl and details will be forthcoming.
At Dove on Wednesday I tried a new beer (at Gerry’s recomendation) and I liked it a lot.  We picked up a four-pack of Trois Pistoles today and I’m sipping one this afternoon.
I just made the starter and biga for whole wheat bread which I’ll transform into bread tomorrow.  Right now I’ve got a healthy version of an Irish soda bread in the oven and my house smells like heaven.
Last night we watched My Best Friend’s Girl.  Not the best movie that I’ve seen, but certainly worth a few good laughs.  Especially if you’re into raunchy humor that goes just a bit too far.

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