Does anybody know who you call to have someone come to your home and mark off your property boundaries?


  1. Ghost Busters!!

  2. I don’t know about MA, but over here it’ll cost you $700-800 to get your land boundaries marked out. You might want to make sure it isn’t already done though. Two of the three corners (odd number) of our lot have a brick partially buried showing the boundary. They’ve been there for over 45 years. You might have something similar.
    Good luck though. My coworker found out that he shares half his driveway with his neighbor and they are just a-holes all around. What fun. Sounds like a fine time for him to move if you ask me.

  3. Checked out Sarah’s link. Looks like I have to hire a private surveyor to do the job. Good info on that site though. I’m totally going to go home & see what I can find for markers. Only thing is that I think our property goes fairly high up the hill behind my house & I don’t want to walk up there, poking around for markers, where I may likely find an animal’s den.
    The whole purpose of this exercise is to find out how much of that ugly hill is ours, clean it out of trash and leaves, branches, etc. and plant some nice blueberry bushes and grape vines & stuff. Prettier, less expensive, and more practical than a fence. We don’t need to keep anyone out of our property back there, we just don’t want to look at that hill anymore. And, we really like fruit!

  4. Check with town/city hall building dept. They should have a file on your house. It may have some info there. Sometimes you have to pay for a copy though. Also some cities don’t like people knowing about the files. The file usually has copies of permits, sewer lateral measurements, water line measurements as well as any violations on the propery from day one. Also you could check the assesors for a copy of the tax map. You may even have one from buying the house. It also should have been marked out when you were in the process of buying the house. Find out who did it and ask if they have copies they can give you. Some surveyors are nice about it, others will want money and lots of it just to give you a copy. To remark it will actually be between $700 and $900. Markers can be anything from bricks, pipes, flags, ribbons, concrete pillars, phone poles, manholes to actual trees. Hope this helps. D.

  5. Holy smokes. Thanks Uncle Dave!

  6. Not long after I moved in and got to know my neighbor he told me about the property markers. Then the next day he leaves me a piece of paper showing his lot when his house was built. It included the name of the company that marked out the lots. He said that his copy is original, but they’ll likely be able to give me a copy showing my lot. Maybe some of the people that have lived in your neighborhood for a while can do the same for you. Just one more thing to try.

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