I feel as if I could write a country song

I had the plague all week.  Woke up Tuesday morning very tired, with an achy body and raw throat.  Wednesday it was worse and I had a fever too.  Went to sleep before 8:00 that night and went straight through ’til 6:30 Thursday.  Felt better.
Today I woke up feeling the best that I have all week and decided to get a jump-start on the laundry.  The first load finished washing so I threw in a second before proceeding to the dryer.  How strange, when I opened the dryer door the light was out.  I removed the protective cover and exposed the bulb which I unscrewed so that I could buy a new one.  Except that the filament was not hanging around inside which tells me that the bulb was not toast after all.  So, leaving the dryer door open I moved to the rear of the contraption to see if there was a wire loose somewhere (since it was recently moved by the electricians so that they could access our breaker box).  When I touched the power cord that leads into the back of the machine, the light came on, let it go, it went off, wash, rinse, repeat.  I gave up on the light for the time being, closed the door and tried to start the dry cycle.  Hello, dumbass, if the power cord to the machine is loose then the entire machine isn’t getting juice, not just the light bulb.  Since this was a hand-me-down appliance that has been through at least two other households I will not feel bad about replacing it.  HD is having a sale this weekend with 10% off all appliances and 12 months no interest on their card and they carry Consumer Reports top-rated dryer.  Time for another major purchase, me-thinks.
So now “my lawn needs a-mowin’, my dryer’s burnt out, I’m sick as a dog, and my kitchen still ain’t done”.  Doesn’t that sound like a beautiful beginning for a country song?


  1. Sorry but what worries me is the “touch power cord, power works, not touch, not work, let’s try this a few more times”. So the current didn’t actually pass through your body or you wouldn’t be writing this now, that’s good at least. Your luck is strong! Sounds like you’re digging the idea of shopping for a new dryer but if money’s tight perhaps the power cord can just be replaced. There may just be a short circuit or the rubber in the cord is close to being worn out. Is there a circuit breaker on that outlet and was the cord hot?

  2. Luck is strong with this one, yes.
    Breaker on, yes. Cord hot, no. Feels like something inside the back of the dryer may have broken off. Want to open it up, but must wait until husband is home and machine is unplugged.
    Wisdom is with me too….

  3. odd.. you say the electrician moved it, eh? maybe he’s trying to get himself a little more electrical work at your house? hehe j/k. tis kinda coincidental though.

  4. oh, I would almost guarantee that the wires were jostled and possibly detached when it was moved. probably not out of intended additional business (’cause the guy was seriously not like that) but by carelessness with what seemed like a sturdy machine/ wire.

  5. Damn bad luck run amok lately. Wish I was there to lend a hand, but in the meantime, remove old wire and bring it with you to HD or where ever you are going. You need the same gauge wire for it to keep more bad luck at bay. If there is a bad connection inside the dryer you could change just that. CYA soon.D.

  6. good idea. we’ll make a decision once the hubby gets here. fix the old, or buy one new.

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