What’s my look?

No, I swear I don’t have A.D.D.  I’m just trying to find a look for my site that suits me.  I don’t believe that I’ve found it yet either.  I have a couple of favorites though.  Until I find that right one, you may be subject to regularly changing backgrounds and color schemes.  I won’t apologize for my need for perfection.
Let me also say that I am only human, so although I was just on vacation a mere month ago, I cannot wait for vacation in August.  We have a 10-day stretch off due to the Labor Day holiday at the end of the month, which we didn’t even plan on but happily discovered after requesting the dates.  What a nice surprise!
I just made a reservation in the new MGM Grand hotel in CT which is just a few minutes away from Chris’ favorite sea fishing spot.   This way he can fish all day while I lay about reading, then we can check into the hotel and have a nice dinner, some indoor or outdoor swimming, sleep in a bed that someone else has to make, and check out to be on our merry way to our next destination (maybe Mystic, CT).  They (MGM) sent us a promotional flyer (otherwise I’d have never paid their prices) so we get the room for 2/5 of its normal rate.  Works for me, especially since after a day at the ocean I always dread the drive home, but we’re also not staying in one of the ‘roach motels on the beach that’s full of sand and drunk college kids.
I do believe that we’ll reserve one day for hiking in the Mohawk Trail State Forest.  Maybe we’ll pack a nice picnic lunch and spend the day walking along the river.
The other thing that I’d like to do is visit the Bronx Zoo.  I’ve heard nothing but great reviews about it, and since Lupa left such a bad taste in my mouth, hopefully this place will wash that out.  If not, I’ll quickly write off ever visiting a zoo again.  We shall see….
We have a couple of busy weeks coming at us.  This weekend is a housewarming for friends out in eastern MA, followed closely by Auntie Rie’s birthday, then by a family housewarming that is local (for us).  I can’t wait.  I have gifts and cards all over the place, and decisions to make on what dishes to bring where, menu planning and piggie-toe painting to assist with.   Good times!
I added a couple of new recipes.  This one I made a few weeks ago and served it with my stab at falling-off-the-bone pork ribs as a light accompaniment and I enjoyed it (much better after 3 days in the fridge).   And this one I tried this weekend, adapting it from a recipe in Food and Wine that looked good.  It was fantastic.  I’m a sucker for almost any flavor of risotto though.  I was able to use basil from my backyard herbs, and a 1-lb. tomato picked up from the Farmer’s Market Saturday morning.  Creamy and fresh are two adjectives that I’d use to describe it.  A fantastic lunch by itself, or a great side to a piece of white fish (especially if that were cooked with tomatoes and capers).


  1. Hey, Jess! I have to tell you that I liked the Lime background a lot.
    Oh, and did you know that there is a Farmer’s Market in Springfield on Tuesdays from 12:30-6? It is on Sumner Ave in the Trinity School parking lot. I haven’t been, but I always see the signs up on my way to work from Agawam.

  2. yeah, i liked that one too. it was bright and fresh, but it would only view one post at a time and had a few other drawbacks. maybe i’ll play with the code and see if i can change it to suit my needs. thanks for the feedback!
    i’ll have to check out that springfield market. i’m curious whether or not there will be any organic farmers. we don’t get any at the holyoke market so i don’t go anymore.

  3. you should put up screenshots of all the skins you are thinking about and let your readers vote for you! i’ve liked some of the other ones, this one, not so much. looks like something out of the 60’s when everyone was colorblind.

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