Aah, vacation

I haven’t posted much lately.  We’ve been on vacation since Chris’ birthday.  We had his party on Friday night.  Of course it rained (as usual).  Saturday morning we went over to Sarah’s for belated Father’s Day breakfast with Dad and Becca.  The remainder of the day was spent working in our back yard.  We cleared some of the mess off of the hill in back and decorated a little.  Mom and Yoda came over for dinner that night.  Mom and I took a nice walk around our immediate neighborhood (for the first time ever) and looked at the houses and businesses, even spoke with a woman restoring a house close by.  After that we had a nice fire in the pit, and then they went home.  We ended the evening watching CSI Miami and me falling asleep on the sofa.
On Sunday we had breakfast way far back in our yard.  We put our resin table & chairs on the upper patio, on the hill, and it gets full sun in the morn’.  After that there was chopping up of fire wood, more weeding, and working on that ugly hill.  We got an invite to join the neighbors on their boat for the afternoon and try our hands at water skiing but we passed.  The thought of falling off in the CT river and floating around with the eels gives me the willies real bad.  We opted to go to Sarah’s instead.  Chris was able to redeem a gift certificate for a massage (which he absolutely loved), while Ger, Chris and Alex worked on brewing and bottling of beer, and Danielle and I worked on honing our alcohol consumption skills.  Later Sarah and I went to Dick’s to pick up some vanilla porter that was ready to be shared, and brought that back for the crew.  Mom and Yoda even popped over.  Sarah picked up Sam from the bus station, and we all had a nice dinner of grilled stuff and salads and fresh fruit.
I won’t say that Monday was a wasted day because it was much needed, but it was not at all fruitful.  We ate breakfast way up on the hill again.  Then we each spent some time on our computers.  Some dishes got washed.  We called up Sue and asked her to come over for lunch and playtime with her little beasties.  Christian, the little boy from next door, came over to play with Mitchell.  We munched on snackies, grilled some flesh, had some good pasta salad that Sue brought with her, the kids played in the sprinkler, then it was naptime (yes, for the kids) so everybody left.  Next we went out to Atkins farm and had ice cream cones.  Then we worked on closing up our screen house.  We’d had the screens open since we put it up, and it was time to close them and keep the bugs out.  We brought candles out to the picnic table, a deck of cards, and some munchie foods and played card games until about 10:00, just the two of us.  After that we moved inside for some games with dirty dice… don’t worry, I won’t go into detail.
This morning we are taking our time getting into gear.  Because the next two to three days promise to be hot and muggy we need to get sanding in the kitchen.  If we can get that last coat of mud up today, we can give it two days to dry and then do the final sanding.  This needs to happen because I need to bake again.  I’m going out of my mind (short trip, I know).  We also need to get out for supplies today.  Chris is out of cigarettes (although I would love to not replenish his supply), and we need some more white stones for my pretty path out back, and we could really use some fresh berries for a fruit salad that I’m dying to throw together (Atkins had no organic fruits yesterday).  We’re hoping to hit a beach tomorrow, so we have to get this stuff all done today.  Thursday I plan to hit the Holyoke farmer’s market for some El Jardin bread and other assorted goodies, and Friday we will be at Josh & Nicole’s wedding.

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  1. Keep your eyes out for a package coming your way.

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