Cars, ick

So we keep a heap in our driveway because it was built in 1978 and is constucted of metal (unlike the cars of today) and it’s call a Malibu.  It belongs to Chris and he loves it.  I get that.
We also keep another heap in our driveway that belongs to my Dad.  It’s a Volkswagen Cabriolet, and he loves it.  He had just finished paying for it when he had a chance to purchase a brand new car, so he took that chance and he stores the Cabrio at our house.
So I asked my sweet husband to go out and clean off the Malibu and the Cabrio today so that we can start them.  He agreed to do just that, but wanted to move my truck out of the way first and snowblow between the two heaps before cleaning them off.  Unfortunately, when he went to back my truck up, he neglected to close the driver’s side door, backed up with it open, scraped the left snowbank in our driveway, and bent the ever-loving shit out of my door hinges.  Now my door won’t close.  And the body shop is closed for the weekend.  So we had to disconnect my battery, and we have to put a cover on my truck in case of precipitation, and we have to carpool next week so that we can have the door re-hung.  Please, take my advice, and never back up without closing the door 100%.  Ugh.
And on top of that, the kid next door is outside playing today because it’s warm enough.  So Chris is out there trying to make sure that everything is squared away until we can get it fixed, and he is getting grilled with 1,000 questions.  Plus Christian is threatening to jump the fence between our properties (because he can due to the height of the snowbanks) and come over to help Chris out.  He-he….

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