Baking day

It has arrived.  This day of the year when I can bake a ton of stuff all intended for consumption on the same day.  And we do like variety, now don’t we?  So I have baked the quick breads: cranberry walnut with chunks of fresh oranges, apricot walnut (where the dried fruits were soaked in black rum), pumpkin walnut with raisins, and banana bread with nuttin’ funny (meaning no peanut butter, chocolate chips or nuts).
Next it was time to move on to pie prep.  I made up two double-batches of pie crust dough and put them in to chill.  Then I made the chocolate stout cake which is currently cooling so that it can be smothered in ganacheAnd then (a la “Dude Where’s my Car?”) I  made the filling for an apple pie and stuffed that into one of the waiting crusts and topped it with yet another crust (’cause we just can’t get enough butter in our diets, can we?).  Next on my agenda is a pumpkin pie.  Beyond that, I’m not sure.  Lunch, definitely.
And in the middle of my baking frenzy, HG&E came and swapped out my gas meter so that they can direct dial it now instead of having to come into my basement to read it every month.  That had become quite a problem since Chris and I both work outside of the house, full time, so there was never anyone here to grant the meter readers access.  Yay for technology.
And now back to baking.

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  1. Sounds eerily familiar to our Wednesday, although, the list of foods is a bit different.

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